TiVec 1.2

No Image TiVec, is a valuable tool for the GIS technician and map developer. It is a data management tool that allows the user to process TIGER Line files and convert them to MID/MIF or SHP/DBF file sets for use with most of GIS and Mapping applications. One or more State/County files can be converted, various features can be combined, desired feature attributes may be selected, a Lambert projection may be specified, has a built-in viewer and more...

PhotoFit Premium 1.4: professional panorama photo stitch software for huge Panorama, upto 1200 M pxs
PhotoFit Premium 1.4

Professional panorama photo stitch software, PhotoFit Premium, stitches up a high quality single large picture, up to 1200 M pixels. Keeping user friendly interface and all features of PhotoFit Harmony, like automatic focal length detection, automatic distortion cancel, perfect perspective correction and various projection types as Linear, Panorama, Fisheye, 360 panorama, PhotoFit Premium controls cylindrical, spherical, conformal views.

fisheye, image editor, panorama photo editor, spherical, digicam, focal, whole, perspective, photofit premium, distortion, 360 view, photo stitch, stitch

Major USA cities and highways 1.01: Easy-to-use USA Cities and Highways Map is the best bet for your business!
Major USA cities and highways 1.01

USA Cities and Highways Map is a rather simple version of professional software with several background images and a nice monitor glass projection. With our user-friendly USA Cities and Highways Map it is possible to: • add/remove locations • hide/show roadways layer • customize general look and feel • find your location in seconds with a possibility to link objects to specific URLs • run your business with no problems at all.

flash map, highways, cities, major, flash

Space Docker Sokoban 1.0: New high quality version of the classic puzzle game sokoban.
Space Docker Sokoban 1.0

Space Docker Sokoban is a sequel of a Docker Sokoban series. It`s a remake of a classic logic game sokoban.This time you`ll be playing a clever docker who is working hard at such places as the Space Station, Underwater or Desert. The game features high colour animated graphics with pseudo 3D projection, quality sound, pleasant background music, over 50 levels within 3 stages and walk-through solutions for all levels.

boxman, sokoman, sokomind, puzzle, sokofun, sokoban, mindbenders, logic

EasyMap VCL 2.4.0: EasyMap allows to create GIS without MapInfo, MapX, MapObjects, WinGIS etc.
EasyMap VCL 2.4.0

EasyMap VCL is a Delphi/C++Builder components set for creating your own GIS-related solutions without MapInfo, MapX, MapObjects, WinGIS etc. EasyMap VCL allows to add following functionalities in Delphi/C++Builder application: - MIF/MID vector maps displaying in Longitude/Lantitude projection; - Map objects related data in grid or tabular controls displaying; - ZoomIn/ZoomOut/Pan/Selector map tools.

borland, inprise, spatial, c builder, alternative, jpeg, polygon, geographical, delphi, replacement

IdentaPop 2.24: Caller ID popup that overlays the Caller ID on the screen and fades away.
IdentaPop 2.24

IdentaPop is a unique Caller ID popup program that overlays the caller`s ID over your screen and slowly fades away. The screen background is totally visible including moving video such as DVD movies. The text color, size, duration and the screen position is fully adjustable, allowing you to customize the projection to your liking. Includes Call Blocking, and MS Outlook screen pops and name lookups for IP phones (Cisco, NBX, ESI etc) and modems. .

outlook, blocking, caller id, clid, screening, modem

S_Merge 1.4: S_Merge is a versatile tool for merging up to 8 images in any relative position.
S_Merge 1.4

S_MERGE is a versatile tool for merging up to 8 images or text. Useful for overlaying political and relief maps or inserting a watermark in your pictures. Total flexibility in alignment of the images such as scaling, relative positioning and rotation is allowed plus many blending choices. Apply individual image options such as cylindrical panoramic projection, overlaying a dotted and/or a solid line grid on to the image.

mapping, combine, image, merge, blend, panorama, overlay, picture

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